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and Chamber Office:
Located on Lopez Rd in the Village
(360) 468-4664

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Wi-Fi Hotspot is located in Village Park, next to the Water Tower

Lopez Village WebCam

LIVE views of the Village

Emergency Services:
Dial 911
From cell phone
(360) 378-4141

For non-emergencies
(all islands)
(360) 378-4151

Art by Christa Malay
Annual Bicycle Event:

KLOI Community Radio Station 102.9


Tips for Safe Bicycling

Bicyclists and Motorists: Share the Road
Read article by Sheriff Rob Nou & Joe Cussen
(click here)

Bicycling Safety Tips

  • Wear a helmet
    Head injuries account for 85% of all bicycle accident injuries
  • Obey all traffic signs
  • Ride single file and keep to the right
  • Ride in small groups widely spaced
  • Make stops on the straightaway rather than at the top of hills or curves
  • When stopping, move completely off the road to allow cars to pass safely
  • Make yourself visible with bright clothing and reflectors
  • Use lights for night riding
  • Be alert for dogs
  • Respect the rights of property owners
    Most land and many local roads are privately owned.

Emergency: Dial 911 OR (from cell phone) Call (360) 468-4141 .

For non-emergencies for fire, EMS or sheriff, call (360) 378-4151.

For more information please visit the County bicycling site at:
www.sanjuanco.com/publicworks/bicycle_safety.aspx. Along with a copy of the brochure and safety tips, there is a link   within that page  showing the road projects for the year.   That's handy information for bicyclists to plan which roads to avoid when possible.




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Travel Distances


Tips for Safe Bicycling




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