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and Chamber Office:
Located on Lopez Rd in the Village
(360) 468-4664

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Wi-Fi Hotspot is located in Village Park, next to the Water Tower

Lopez Village WebCam

LIVE views of the Village

Emergency Services:
Dial 911
From cell phone
(360) 378-4141

For non-emergencies
(all islands)
(360) 378-4151

Art by Christa Malay
Annual Bicycle Event:

KLOI Community Radio Station 102.9


About the Lopez Island Community Calendar

The Lopez Island Chamber of Commerce provides this calendar to let everyone in the community know what is going on by looking at a single calendar. It is available to everyone on Lopez to submit events, whether commercial or non-profit. It is our hope that this will become the "go to" place to find out what's happening on Lopez.

Terms of Usage:

Anyone may post an event as long as it:

  • takes place on Lopez Island
  • is open to the public

The Lopez Island Chamber of Commerce reserves the right to remove any event which it deems is not appropriate for the Lopez Island Community Calendar. The Chamber also reserves the right to restrict public entry of events in the future if this entry is abused.

How to Use the Calendar

This calendar feature is hosted by calendarwiz.com. It is set up as a public calendar, which means that anyone can view the events. Events are viewed one month at a time. You can scroll to look at previous and future months. The calendar may be viewed in Month, Week, Day, and List views. List view shows all the details for each event in sequential order by date. In Month, Week and Day views, click on an event to view a pop-up window containing the event details. For more details on how to use the calendar and some of its advanced features, please click the Help button in the gray horizontal control bar above the calendar.

In order not to burden the Lopez Chamber of Commerce staff, the calendar is being set up with one public access user account to allow ANYONE to enter an event. Only the Chamber staff can approve events, change an event category, or change items after they have been approved. For details see Post Event.

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