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Reviews (2012)

"Hi Becky. Thanks a bunch for putting on a fantastic show. Looking forward to seeing you in June. I did a post on your event. Hope I did it justice."
Posted Review  (from John Rowlandson, Salt Spring Island)

"It was my first year riding and I'm thrilled to be in on one of the best
events in the area! Thank you for hosting us on your sweet island."
Jenna Rizzo

"Thank you for hosting the Tour de Lopez bicycle ride.  I have been on this ride 4 times and it continues to be my favorite one every year!  The route is well marked, the support seems to be adequate, the food is great and the scenery is fantastic.  You have obviously put great thought and care into how it is executed.  Thanks once again for sharing your beautiful island with us.  I'm already looking forward to next year!"
Vicki Bothel

The snacks at the rest stops were wonderful...so much better than last year. The brownies are a must to keep each year. I also like the new location, felt that it was the perfect place...and of course I got a massage!!!! See you next year!!

I really enjoyed the ride and had fun visiting the shops. My Fiance and I will be back to the Island this summer.

Love Lopez and love this event! We know its alot of hard work and effort and it is so appreciated! Thank you very much for all you do to make this a super fun weekend!!

Fantastic day! Thanks!

I thought it was a sweet event - small town charm, good food and music, and I loved looking into the art and books and bakery - will be back for sure... Hope to camp next time and meet the folks at the farms and Lopez Land Trust. As a cyclist, this was a great intro to a beautiful place. The eagles were just what I needed.

There were many more comments and constructive suggestions from the survey sent out after the event. To add your thoughts, just send us an email at lopezchamber@lopezisland.com. We welcome all your comments and constructive criticism as well.

Reviews (from prior years)

This was my first year doing the Tour de Lopez and I can say I am very happy that my daughter and friend talked me into doing it. The island is beautiful, the weather was cool but nice for biking and all the volunteers that we met were wonderful. I could not have asked for a better lunch; the food was delicious. I hope I will be able to do the ride again next year. Thanks to all that worked to make the Tour de Lopez happen.

Our second year doing Tour de Lopez as a group of family and friends. We enjoyed it so much the last year we decided to make a weekend of it and rented a condo in the Village. A beautiful spring kick off ride, this event really captures for me why we ride. The lunch in the Village is delicious and it is fun to see all of the riders. Lopez Chamber does a great job on this event. We'll be back.

This was our fourth or fifth year. We've lost count. I ride it with a couple buddies and this pretty much the only time we ride with each other.

There is no doubt in my mind that this is one of the premiere rides in the PNW. It's not an ass-kicking century, but it's a great ride. Beautiful country, quiet roads, nice locals. I love the smell of evergreens, and the ocean. We stopped to look at Eagles, Pacific Oyster Catchers and various ducks.

The Island has really gotten behind this event. Various organizations sponsor the rest stops ( who makes those brownies? I stop for them no matter what!!) And I had to laugh after waving to every single local who drove by. I love the Lopez "wave."

My buddy was so delighted by the ride, he kept saying, "this is why I like to ride a bike!" It's a welcome change from the survival tactics we employ to commute or ride in the city.

I'll be doing this ride until I can no longer sit on a bike.

I am new to the Great Northwest and this was my first time in the San Juans, what and introduction!! The ride was wonderful, the food topnotch and the scenery made you happy to be alive. Thanks to the organizers and all the residents of Lopez Island for making us feel welcome.  

This was our fifth year and we still really enjoyed the ride. Rural scenery and the food were great. This has become something that we look forward to every spring. The highlight was to stop by a lemonade stand run by a little girl playing the violin.  

Absolutely love it. This is the 2nd yr in a row my boyfriend and I have done it. It's our open to cycling for the year. Great family environment, fairly leisurely ride, friendly volunteers, beautiful scenery, and all for a good cause. Great opportunity to get away for the weekend, be outside, talk with other cyclists. Excellent cycling event.  

First time on the Tour...Fantastic...Very well organized...Everyone was helpful. Whether your a true bicyclist or just for fun, give it a try and see the beautiful landscape of the Island...The best was the lunch, first class all the way....  

I left Lopez Island with a sense of calm and peace. Our group of nine friends and family all found a course that was right for them. A great cycle tour and good food. Life is good. Thank you.  

My first Tour de Lopez - very beautiful scenery, fun ride for all levels, but NOT a race. Great for families and I appreciated seeing many kids on the road, too! The snacks and lunch were amazing - thanks Daren! This is a fabulous community.  
Fabulous...Fabulous ...Fabulous. The organizers did an outstanding job. Who wouldn't want to come back to Lopez Island. Routes were scenic and wonderful with delicious goodies at the rest stops. Lunch was fantastic. (Thanks, Bay Cafe for all the efforts of your staff and volunteers) Couldn't have asked for a better event. Sun was out in the afternoon and the village was busting out all over. We invited friends from Los Angeles and Idaho for a 3 day weekend and they loved our rental in the village and all the fun that accompanied this event. Thanks, and we will return with friends this summer and for next years event. David and Nancy, Port Ludlow, WA.  

This is a wonderful community ride with a lot of heart. I rode the 31 mile route and it was the perfect length to open the season. My favorite touch were the colorful painted bikes (including one stationary bike) that marked the route. The organizers put thought and creativity into the ride, and I appreciate it.
This is a very family friendly ride, look for small kids and parents on the 10 miler. If your sole desire is to ride as fast and aggressively as possible, save it for the mainland. Once you are on Lopez, you just have to slow down and appreciate the view.  


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